What Defines Success for You?

Manifesting is the art of setting a goal and doing everything you need to make it happen. It takes action. We have to put the work in behind that dream. It’s dreaming, but while awake. Its a verb vibe.

My favorite thing about writing is accepting that the words come through me and not from me. I open myself up to hear the whispers of the Muses. I pour out the stories. I hold full blown conversations with the voices in my head. Schizophrenia? No. Artist.

It’s those outside voices that told me to stop acting crazy. When I listened, I felt crazy. An artist listening to being told to get a real job to support themselves is the insanity. Do you see the difference? Creativity flow equals sanity. Holding all of that in, that brings on depression, anxiety, eating disorders and a bunch of other things. I am speaking to you from experience.

Childhood was full of stories that the adults told to us because they thought they were keeping us protected. They were stories the adults told us to keep us from becoming heartbroken. Failure does not mean there is something wrong with you. Don’t feel like you have to hide your mistakes. It necessary to teach us what works and what doesn’t work. How do you improve if you don’t know what needs to be worked on? Failure is a teacher. How do you learn without a lesson?

It’s not just about what you say. How are you defining your I am words? If you stand in a mirror and say, “I am successful”, what is your definition of success? The picture you paint in your head will define how far you are willing to go. If you see yourself limited to a certain amount because that is all you know, that is where you will stay. You have to believe bigger. The whole point of a vision board it to get you to see what is possible outside of your own environment. Your job is to believe what you see on the vision board is possible.

It’s simple when you allow it to flow. Our resistance makes it hard. Don’t stop working at it. If you walk away with one memory of this post, I hope it is the word action. Never stop going until you reach the goal. Then set the next one and make it even bigger.

You’re worth it! We’re worth it! The world is worth what you are creating!


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