Nine Examples a Personal Paradigm Shift is Happening

Driving into work a few weeks backs, I looked around and realized I had no idea where I was. Still driving on I-635, but not sure how I got to the area I was in. I make this trip five days a week. I supposed the saying, “I could do it my sleep,” is false. I had zoned out while driving. When I “woke” up, I was way past my exit.

Zoning out was starting to happen a lot.  This was the first time it happened while I was driving, which scared me. I had to pull up my GPS to find my way to work. Not only had I lost direction to a place I go to often, but I had lost direction in my life.

My head and stomach had been a constant source of pain. I wasn’t sick. I just wasn’t listening to what my body was telling me. The reason behind the aches, pain and disconnection had more to do with a personal shift.

When you find yourself not paying attention to the signs, they show up in different ways. I found myself blaming a god for my misery because I felt abandoned. I started taking inventory. It was during the time I sat down to journal that I realized how clear those signs were. For instance, I asked for a way to bring in multiple streams of income. I asked for a job working from home so I could be there to watch my kids grow up.

A hundred ideas came up, but I brushed them off as fantasy. Turns out they were answers.  Are you overlooking your own answers. Are you ignoring the visions that keep showing up? Here are nine examples to look out for.

1. You are becoming uncomfortable in your own skin

You can’t really pinpoint it, but sometimes being you just feels off. It’s almost like an outer body experience, i.e. someone had to be driving the car since I was in lala land.  You are wishing you were anywhere but where you are now. What I have learned is that shift is taking you out of routine. You are going to have to make some changes and that is what’s really making you uncomfortable.

2. You are feeling sick all the time

For everyone who watched the movie The Secret, you have probably heard many in the self-help industry use the term dis-ease as Bob Proctor did in that movie. There is truth to getting sick when we are not living our truth. Think about people who are diagnosed with terminally ill symptoms. The ones that decide to live life to the fullest because they have nothing to lose, most of them end up healing. What we call our comfort zone, I think, is the opposite. If you truly think about it, you aren’t comfortable. You are feeling uneasy. That is why you are ready for the shift.

3. You feel like your world is coming to an end

What do we do when our world is coming to an end? Eat? Drink? Sleep? It’s the numbing affect. We not only don’t fit in our bodies, but we no longer fit in our own world. When we suppress our desires, it has to come out some way. It shows up in the form of overeating, or my go to, over spending. We all have our demons. Your’s may be endless hours of laying on the couch starring at CNN or Fox News.

4. Your dreams are more vivid

Our subconscious communicates through our dreams. We have the tendency to think nothing of these nightly movies because we’ve become so far removed from our inner self. Your subconscious is talking, but are you open to receive the message? A dream journal is a good start. Leave it next to your bed and write it down as soon as you wake up. Look for different patterns or a particular subject that keeps reoccurring. Make a list and allow yourself to be guided.

5. Your relationships are changing

Nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong in your circle any longer. Not only are you uncomfortable in your own skin, but also with the people you hang out with. You aren’t feeling the conversation. You aren’t interested in doing the same things any longer. They tease you about your new interest. One of two things will happen from here. Either you will accept that you are going in a different direction, or you will agree with them and give up on your journey. Where you are at in your mindset will be the deciding factor. Ask yourself one question. Would any of those people give up their dreams for you?

6. Resentment is showing up in the worse way

My younger son walked in to let me know his pants were now too short for him. I found myself mad at him for growing. As if he had any control of that. As if I didn’t know it would happen. The truth of my resentment was not about me having to buy him clothes, but about my feelings as a provider. I know that I don’t make enough money to be a better provider because I chose to work at a dead end job way past the expiration date. But it is not just my son. I find that I am resentful towards everyone. I think their life is better than mine. It’s not true. What is true is the misery I have allowed myself to accept. Yeah, it’s my responsibility. It’s also my responsibility to change it.

7. Envy

OK, yeah, I know, resentment and envy are practically sisters. However, I want you to see it from a different light. We envy others who look happy, or are doing things that we wish we could be doing. We’ve been taught that is a bad thing. I challenge you to flip that old way of thinking. Instead, it is a sign showing you the things you desire. Don’t harbor on the feeling of what someone else has, but see it as a jump off point to motivate you towards getting what you want. It allows you to ask yourself, what would it take to have that? It’s an opportunity to evoke change in your life. It’s telling you it’s time to put in the work.

8. Resistance

I define resistance as the deadly silent killer of what could have been. It is not people that hold us back, but it is the naysayer that lives within. It tells us that our dreams are too big. The day I am writing this, the mega-lottery hit $846 million. I overheard someone say they only needed a small portion of it. That is resistance telling you that you don’t deserve to have that much money in your life. That is a lie. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t just accept anything and feel like you should be grateful for only what you have now. Yes, be grateful for what you have, but know that it’s okay to have and desire more. If you dream it, then you deserve it. Work for it until you get it. And be willing to receive it once you get it. Know it is yours to have.

9. Fear

That four letter word that stares you down eye to eye. The thought of chasing after what you want scares you. It should. Anytime we try something new is stepping into the unknown. The unknown is naturally scary. I always tell my son, “fear is a yield sign, not a stop sign.” It is built into us to be cautious. Make sure you look before you leap. Once you’ve looked both ways, do what scares you. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. It’s time to go to the next level.

Nine items to meditate on and think about how they are showing up in your life. What changes have been dormant in your subconscious? What’s motivating you to move forward? Let me know in the comments below.

And as always, know that you are so worth it!

– Portia



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