Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

I saw a meme that read, “I belong in any room I walk into. I get the concept of what it means. However, I don’t fully agree with it. I say that because sometimes we become so adamant about belonging, that we conform to fit in.

I know I am guilty of it. Especially if you have fought long and hard to get there. What I’ve learned is that in trying to prove I belong, I don’t grow. I settle because I feel like I made it.

When I was younger,  I lived in Augusta, GA for a year. Home of the The Masters golf championship. At that time, women were fighting for the right to be part of the old boy’s golf clubs. My attitude back then was why fight for entry into their club? Let’s build our own! I still feel that way.

Everyone wants a seat at the table. That’s normal. The question to ask is, are we at the right table. Is your vibe attracting the right people in your life? Guiding you in the right direction? What thoughts are you giving out? Where are you thinking from? Fear? Worry? Are you asking questions like why?

I did all the things I could think to do to be seen at my day job. Then I looked around and realized I had nothing in common with most of the poeple there. As much as I deserve to be there, in being truthful with myself, I am not operating from my genius. I am in a room that I don’t belong.

It’s when I make the decision to walk in the room filled with entrepreneurs that I will want to tell myself this is where I belong. It will be out of my comfort zone. That is where I want a seat at the table. Belonging to a group of people doing what I want to be doing is when I am in my tribe.

So, ask yourself, am I prepared?

Am I showing up authentic?

These two questions will give you the confidence to show up.

Then ask, what am I bringing to the table?

What is my unique selling point?

Am I present in this moment?

Am I showing up to make a difference?

In these questions, I hope you find your why. Use them to verify if you are in the best tribe. Attracting the right people. If you are authentic and showing up to make a difference, then you can plan to do what it takes. That is when I know I’m where growth happens. If I’m uncomfortable, then I am being challenged. I am not conforming to the masses. I’m not there just to collect a paycheck.

I am there to be mentored and to mentor. And when I get too comfortable there, it’s time to push away. It’s time to find the next room and keep moving to the next level. And one day, maybe I will have built the room that you walked into.

Either way, keep growing. Keep pushing. Keep wanting it.

You are so worth it!





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